I’m a classically trained, multiple award winning actress, a 1986 graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School for the Theatre, where I proudly and with profound gratitude studied with Mr Sanford Meisner. I’m also a classically trained singer, a mezzo soprano, with a 4 octave range. My musicality extends to dance, having trained since a wee one. And I’m also a writer, most often seen in solo theatre pieces.

I’m an eclectic and engaging leading lady and character actress who repeatedly is rehired by my directors.  And that’s not all … I’m a doctor, too.  I’m an expert in functional health with a private Manhattan practice. Only in NYC do patients excitedly expect reschedules for my bookings and auditions. And that’s not all … I live an adventurous life … I’ve ridden camels, danced with Maasai, swum with sea turtles and manta rays, MCd my summer camp talent show before I knew what an MC was, I’ve sat with mountain gorillas and men with guns, I spend time with shamans and laugh with the devil and I make good medicine, I’ve driven cross-country in a 20' truck and I’ve peeked at the aurora borealis, I’ve driven the PCH from LA to SF in a convertible, I’ve fallen from a 30' waterfall, think Big Sur may very well be a spot of heaven on earth, and I’m in love with videographer filmmaker Cayce Crown since 1987, whom I married at City Hall on New Year's Eve 2015, because I finally could. Kindness and humor chronically vie for first place on my must-haves in the people in my life.